1 Green Flag and 1 Red Flag for Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the market and technology users around the world, and for good reason. As investors, this creates an opportunity to find new growth stocks. Right now, any company with even the least bit of exposure to artificial intelligence is getting a look from investors. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

Technology Chiefs Seek Help Wrangling Cloud Costs

Enterprise spending on cloud computing, largely seen as immune to economic turbulence, continues to grow, but at a slower pace as tech leaders are under pressure to control costs. Zach Nimboorkar, a senior vice president of global technology services at Schneider Electric SE said the French energy and automation company began moving to the cloud a few years ago, and soon realized it needed to rein in its cloud spending across its hundreds of accounts on Amazon.com cloud platform. Mr. Nimboorkar said the company has since built a dedicated team to manage its Amazon Web Services spending and invested in a third-party cloud spending management tool.

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