11 States Passed Legislation To Accept Gold And Silver As Money.

In fact it’s better that they do not accept it.

UCC governs all commerce on the entire planet. No one can hold an obligation over you and refuse payment. IF payment is refused there is discharge in the amount tendered.

No one can demand payment in specific coin or currency (gold clause) title 31 usc 5118

No one is paid in gold, can not demand payments in gold, even if you demand your boss pay you in gold he can still discharge his debt with promises to pay dollars, again gold clause.

gold clause

UCC 3-603

Until gold clause is repealed and people are paying your boss in gold or silver, he has no ability to pay you in gold or silver.

Defining “the dollar” to mean gold or silver weight is much different.

let’s say one ounce of silver is one dollar, 1 FRN will then buy 1 ounce of silver, right now lets say silver costs 20 FRN per ounce.

If your boss tells you he will pay you 10 dollars an hour, then he pays you 10 FRN per hour, if 1 ounce silver is 1 dollar, you are being paid 50 cents an hour when you cash your check.

this means he will have to pay you 200 FRN every hour so for every hour you can easily exchange 200 FRN for 10 ounce silver ie 10 dollars an hour.

see where this is going, following the law we can just offer to pay (promissory note) and when its refused (its always refused) we owe nothing.

Promissory notes are valuable assets, its what pays for your house, your car, funds every pretended “loan”, they are cash created by our signatures and printed on our computers.

This is a attempt to get the last amount of gold and silver out of circulation.

Here is the Bill. H.R. 5404