2 Cheap Growth Stocks That Can Set You Up for Life

Many would-be growth stocks out there are trading at valuations that aren't nearly as high as they were just a year or two ago. A couple of stocks that should be on your radar right now are AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Let's take a closer look at these two "cheap" growth stocks. Read More...

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Why Investors Hung Up on Verizon Today

On a generally down Tuesday for the stock market, Verizon Communications’ (NYSE: VZ) shares did worse than those of many other companies. The telecom giant saw its stock price erode by nearly 2.5%, amid a general slump in tech stocks and related titles, combined with a discouraging price cut from a prominent bank. Before market open, analyst Bryan Craft of Deutsche Bank enacted a 10% cut to his level on Verizon stock.

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