2 Growth Stocks That Are Interest Rate Proof

Interest rate hikes can be problematic for many cash-strapped businesses. Taking on additional debt becomes more costly, with interest expenses chipping away at the bottom line. One way investors can protect themselves from this risky situation is by investing in businesses that are flush with cash and that can easily absorb rate hikes. Read More...


2 ‘Strong Buy’ Oil Stocks From One of the Best Analysts on Wall Street

As we approach mid-year, it’s time to take stock of the oil markets. Prices are up, near $119 per barrel of crude oil right now, and indications are that they’ll keep going up. Industry experts are predicting a rise to $150 per barrel, but in quiet tones and small print they’re indicating chances for $175 or even $180 by year’s end, with high prices continuing into next year. If they’re right, then markets generally are in for a shock. Oil – and energy, generally – are upstream of everything els

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