3 Nasdaq 100 Stocks With Up to 206% Upside, According to Wall Street

Both the benchmark S&P 500 and iconic Dow Jones Industrial Average shed more than 10% of their value during the first quarter, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite underwent a decline of 22% between mid-November and mid-March. Things have been equally difficult for the predominantly growth-focused Nasdaq 100. According to the highest published 12-month price targets from three Wall Street analysts, the following Nasdaq 100 stocks offer upside ranging from 102% to as much as 206%. Read More...


Ackman’s fund likely feeling the Netflix pain as shares plunge

Three months ago hedge fund manager William Ackman cheered when Netflix’s stock price suddenly dropped, buying up 3 million shares as other investors fretted over weak subscriber growth at the streaming company. On Tuesday, the billionaire investor’s hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital Management, was likely nursing losses as Netflix shares tumbled 26% in after-hours trading after the company reported losing subscribers for the first time in a decade. Ackman, who routinely moves stock prices by buying into or exiting a company, did not say how much he paid for his Netflix stake, which he unveiled to his investors on Jan. 26.

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