3 Recovering Tech Stocks These Investors Would Buy Without Hesitation

After more than a year in the wilderness, tech stocks are hot once again. Many technology names have already seen their stock prices mushroom by more than 25% year to date. Jake Lerch (Airbnb): Short term rental operator Airbnb has weathered a fierce storm over the last few years. Read More...


Morningstar Lists Undervalued Stocks, Including Meta

“The U.S. equity market remains undervalued, albeit much less undervalued than at the beginning of the year,” he wrote in a commentary. As of Jan. 31, a composite of the 700-plus stocks listed on U.S. exchanges and covered by Morningstar indicated the market was 10% undervalued. “However, while we view the broad markets as undervalued for long-term investors, in the short term, we think the easy returns are behind us,” Sekera said.

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