3 Roku Stock Predictions for 2023

For a time, it seemed Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) was invincible. Here are three predictions about what to expect from Roku in 2023. Like many companies in the streaming video business, Roku spent 2022 with a pandemic-related headache. Read More...

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Could United Microelectronics Become the Next TSMC?

United Microelectronics (NYSE: UMC), Taiwan’s second-largest contract chipmaker and the world’s third-largest foundry, doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as the market leader Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM). TSMC and UMC are both based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, but the former generated more than seven times as much revenue as the latter last year. Back in 1980, Taiwan’s government-backed Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) spun out UMC as the country’s first semiconductor company.

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