3 Software Stocks That Will Keep Your Retirement Account Safe

The Nasdaq Composite index has dropped by around 30% since January, and a few growth names fell by more than 90% from their peak. Justin Pope (Microsoft): From its founding in 1975, Microsoft has grown into one of the world's largest companies, a technology conglomerate with a $1.8 trillion market cap today. Technology companies can have difficulty staying relevant in an industry where there's always new competition emerging. Read More...

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Why Should You Invest in Blue Chip Stocks?

There is no strict definition of blue chip stocks, but they are generally recognized as long-standing, reliably profitable, large-cap businesses. Blue chip stocks offer a number of benefits, including safety, income, profitability, and a proven ability to bounce back from recessions and other economic shocks. Year to date, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has outperformed the Nasdaq by an unusually wide margin, as the chart below shows.

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