3 things ChatGPT can now do in Slack

ChatGPT has entered the work chat.
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ChatGPT has entered the work chat.

Salesforce and OpenAI announced today the integration of ChatGPT with Slack, with the goal of helping users send and retrieve information faster.

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The concept, currently in beta with a waitlist, sounds similar to the new AI-driven search engines from the new Bing by Microsoft and Google’s Bard, which come with a conversational interface where users can ask a question and get a natural-sounding answer.

Salesforce says the three main things the ChatGPT integration can do within Slack are:

  • Provide instant summaries of conversations.

  • Dig up answers to questions quickly.

  • Draft messages faster, with AI-driven writing assistance, so users /can/ spend less time crafting replies, meeting notes, and status update.

How Slack data will and won’t be used by ChatGPT

Salesforce says any data the app has permission to access will not be used to train ChatGPT’s language model. It’s not clear whether companies will be able to opt out of what data can be used.

Salesforce is the latest major company to announce a partnership with OpenAI, which also counts Bain and Microsoft as partners.

The latest upgrade to Slack might be seen as a bid to stay competitive with Microsoft Teams, which is poised to benefit from the new AI-driven Bing. Slack has more than 10 million daily active users, while Teams has over 270 million daily active users.

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