3 Ways Netflix Can Bounce Back After the Crash

Streaming content pioneer Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is experiencing an incredible fall from grace. Netflix's stock was trading at $172 per share as of this writing, down from over $600 late in 2021. Despite the bad news, there are actions Netflix can take to bounce back after the crash. Read More...


Why retiring this year could be a ‘worst-case’ scenario

This year’s plunge in the stock market, unprecedented crash in the bond market, and surging inflation threaten new retirees in ways not seen before, he says. “The Jan. 1, 2022 retiree is retiring under conditions which have no certain precedent in the historical records I have used for my research,” Bengen tells MarketWatch. If the recent surge in inflation isn’t brought under control, he says, “we may witness history being made, and the first decline in the ‘safe’ withdrawal rate in more than 50 years.”

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