Stock Picks

6 Stocks That We Are Considering Buying This Month

Here are 5 stocks and 1 ETF that we already own and are seriously considering buying more this month:

Roku is our top stock for 2022. We see huge growth potential in this beaten down stock.
You can read our full article on ROKU here.


Very similar to Roku, Shopify has had its stock crash recently and is still growing like a weed.
Shopify may end up as an actual competitor to Amazon, by wooing small businesses. It already has credit card processing, and fulfillment services for it’s customers and the Pay With Shop feature for the end buyer is awesome, I know I use it all of the time.

Get a nice dividend yield by being landlord to companies like Amazon.
This industrial warehouse REIT is a good buy.

After Microsoft announced that they would be buying Activision for $95 a share, the share price shot up….to $83 a share.
This is a significant arbitrage opportunity here if you think regulators will approve the deal. We do.

On the other end, this powerhouse multi-TRILLION dollar company is now going to be the third biggest player in video games after Sony and the Chinese company Tencent.
That’s a great new growth market that they already have a hand in, via Xbox. In addition, their cloud computing business Azure is crushing it and has become a legit competitor to Amazon’s AWS.

What’s better than getting a fat 13% dividend yield? Getting it monthly!
QYLD is an ETF that generates income by owning the Nasdaq 100 and selling covered call options on the stocks.
Even in an extreme market downturn the fat dividend yield is not likely to chance much because people will still be buying options on Nasdaq 100 companies like Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia.