A Nasdaq Bull Market Could Begin in April: 3 Top Stocks to Buy Now

Dec. 28 was the date the Nasdaq Composite Index reached a bottom after declining throughout much of the previous 12 months. To kick off a new bull market, the index will need to rise by at least 20% above that low. At the end of March, the Nasdaq needed to climb less than 1% to reach that threshold. Read More...


The Newest ‘Bubble’ Is in Money-Market Funds

People are rushing into money-market funds. Total assets held in money-market funds, which are investment vehicles that buy cash-like securities such as short-term Treasury bills, recently reached close to $5.5 trillion, according to RBC. Earlier this year, money-market fund assets stood at roughly $4.5 trillion, a level at which people stopped pouring more money into those funds a few times in the past few years, opting instead to buy other assets like stocks.

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