AI Gone Wild: Microsoft’s Chief Economist Sounds Alarm on Potential Dangers and a Call for Tighter Regulations

During a World Economic Forum panel in Geneva on Wednesday, Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) Chief Economist Michael Schwarz warned against bad actors exploiting artificial intelligence leading to colossal damage. Schwarz cautioned against damage from spammers with elections, calling out lawmakers and emphasizing stricter laws backing AI, Bloomberg reports. Artificial intelligence tools face increased scrutiny as their use exploded in recent months following the debut of ChatGPT. On Thursday, U.S. Read More...


Chevron export earnings boost supply of US dollars in Venezuela -sources

Some of U.S. oil major Chevron Corp’s export earnings from its Venezuela operations are bolstering supplies of U.S. dollars in the South American country, three sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Chevron operates in Venezuela, which is under U.S. sanctions, with special authorization from Washington. Chevron brings back some of its export earnings to Venezuela, exchanging them for the hugely devalued bolivar currency so it can pay taxes and other local expenses, the three sources said, as the government keeps the exchange rate stable in a bid to control inflation.

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