Alphabet’s Stock Split: The Real Reason It Matters

Stock splits are all the rage in 2022. Although stock splits don't affect a company's fundamentals or overall market cap, they can impact how investors feel about a stock. For the average investor, high stock prices are a problem for several reasons. Read More...

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1 Stock Split Growth Stock to Buy Now

Stock splits are getting a lot of attention this summer: Amazon just completed its 20-for-1 split, Alphabet’s 20-for-1 action is coming up fast, Shopify approved a 10-for-1 split, and Tesla’s board of directors just signed off on a 3-for-1 split. Fortinet shares will be divvied up on June 22, leaving shareholders on June 23 with five shares for every one they owned prior. As a reminder, the share price will also be divided by five to adjust accordingly, so the value of Fortinet as a company is not changing.

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