Amazon and UnitedHealth Are Bidding for Signify Health

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon.com, UnitedHealth, Option Care Health, and CVS are bidding for home-health-services provider Signify Health. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

How Co-Working Spaces Lead to More Innovation for Tech Startups

For tech startups wondering where to locate their new companies, here’s one suggestion: Set up shop near another tech startup, preferably one that isn’t in the same business. In a working paper, researchers from Harvard University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology measured the exchange of ideas that occurred between tech startups located near each other at one of the largest technology co-working spaces in the U.S. Working in such close range allowed for socialization, which in turn led to idea sharing about the types of technology the startups were using as part of their overall tech infrastructure, the researchers found.

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