Amazon backing Grubhub ‘changes the landscape’ for food delivery: Analyst

Fox Advisors Founder and CEO Steven Fox joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Amazon's 2% investment in Grubhub and what this means for the food delivery industry. Read More...


Exxon profit set to soar again; White House wants more oil

HOUSTON (Reuters) -Wall Street analysts sharply increased their Exxon Mobil Corp second-quarter profit estimates on Tuesday, after the largest U.S. oil producer projected it could almost double its first-quarter earnings. Exxon’s preview, released on Friday, signaled strong results ahead by oil companies and refiners and brought renewed criticism from the White House and fresh calls for a windfall profit tax by U.S. lawmakers under pressure from voters feeling pain at the pump. The White House repeated its call for oil companies to “use their record profits to expand refining capacity, increase supply, and most urgently reduce costs for the American people.”

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