Amazon, Google executives to testify before Senate antitrust committee next week

As House Democrats prepared to announce a handful of bills to rein in Big Tech's market powers, the Senate Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee announced Friday that executives from Amazon.com Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. are scheduled to testify next week, along with an exec from speaker maker Sonos Inc. , a critic of the two tech behemoths. Amazon Associate General Counsel Ryan McCrate and Google's public policy specialist Wilson White are slated to testify, Sens. Amy Klobuchar Read More...


2 Dividend Stocks Under $10 With 9% Dividend Yield

Sometimes, finding the right stock can be a chore, and sometimes, a pleasure. But whether it’s a breeze or a slog, some things remain constant. The right stock will always bring a benefit to your portfolio – and high-yield dividend stocks, when carefully chosen, will do just that. Wall Street analysts have been doing the research for you, picking out stocks that are meeting those requirements. And the results are interesting – the analysts have tagged two stocks under $10 with strong dividends,

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