Amazon launches Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Amazon.com Inc. announced the launch of Virtual Try-On for Shoes during Thursday premarket hours. The service will allow shoppers to use augmented reality (AR) to see how a shoe will look from different angles. For those using iOS in the U.S. and Canada, the service will be available for a variety of sneaker brands including Reebook, Puma and Superga. A photo of the virtual try-on can be shared on social media. Amazon stock has slumped 27.3% for the year to date. Read More...

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Chris Pratt attempts dangerous prank and barely survives: ‘It was not smart’

Chris Pratt visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!: NBA Finals Game Night, Wednesday, to promote his new Amazon Prime series The Terminal List. While filming, the A-list actor decided to trick the crew during a scene in which he was buried alive. “The last thing we did was me essentially getting buried alive,” Pratt said. “So I’m laying on about a 45-degree angle, buried up to my head in dirt and what they’re going to do is cover me with dirt. I’m breathing through a straw and they use an excavator to dump another big bucket full of dirt on top of me in the shot and I’m supposed to crawl out.” Pratt held his breath and purposely stayed buried for about 30 seconds, but when he tried to move he realized the joke was on him. “What I failed to realize after 30 seconds of not moving thinking it would be funny is that I actually couldn’t move,” Pratt recalled. Fortunately, the action star was able to eventually free himself and impress his crew at the same time. He said, “I finally get out and I cough up dirt and people come up to me, go, ‘Dude, that was some of the best acting that I’ve ever seen you do.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I s*** my pants. That’s how committed I was.’”

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