Amazon slows grocery rollout, leaving at least eight D.C.-area stores in limbo

“We've decided over the last year or so that we're not going to expand the physical Fresh stores until we have that equation with differentiation and economic value that we like," Amazon's CEO recently said. Read More...


‘Tracers in the Dark’ shows how cops go after crypto-criminals

“That was the only path through this darkness,” says U.S. prosecutor Zia Faruqui. In Tracers in the Dark, Andy Greenberg, a senior writer at Wired, takes a historical look at what he calls Bitcoin’s “siren song: the promise of untraceable money.” It was 2014, and IRS special agent Tigran Gambaryan was investigating a DEA agent suspected of having stolen Bitcoin from Dread Pirate Roberts, the pseudonymous founder and administrator of Silk Road, the world’s first darknet marketplace, a website where users could sell and purchase Bitcoin and drugs, protecting their identities with an encryption technology called Tor.

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