Amazon Tells Staff to ‘Double Down on Frugality.’ Should You?

Amazon is tightening its belt as economic troubles around the world and rumors of a possible recession start to impact its business. Frugality has always been a core principle at the online shopping giant, but it's recently taken on even more importance. According to Insider, which accessed slides from the meeting and spoke to staff, Amazon's new CEO Andy Jassy told employees that the company would need to be more streamlined in 2023. Read More...

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3 Cryptos Under $1 With Explosive Potential

While top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum boast prices of $19,000 and $1,300, respectively, you don’t need to commit thousands of dollars to get started investing in crypto. It should be pointed out that cryptocurrencies in this price range are best suited for risk-tolerant investors and represent a high-risk, high-reward part of the market, but with that said, all three of these sub-$1 cryptos have a lot going for them and offer the potential for significant upside. Michael Byrne (Polygon): Perhaps no cryptocurrency has made more inroads with major companies and institutions this year than Polygon (CRYPTO: MATIC), and yet the Ethereum scaling solution still comes with a price of $0.83.

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