Amazon to conduct independent racial equity audit, led by former attorney general

Amazon.com Inc. says it will conduct an independent racial equity audit of its hourly workforce, led by former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Read More...

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9 of the Best Vegetarian Fast Food Menu Items Out There

If you’re a vegetarian, road-tripping with a bunch of carnivores can be an unsavory experience. They’re flying through the McDonald’s drive-thru with glee; you’re left with a sad handful of fries. (Fries that are cooked in an oil blend mixed with beef flavoring, no less.) So, what’s a plant-based fast food patron to do? Take heart: meatless fast food entrees and sides seem to get better every year. These days, we’re working with options that range from a hearty, crispy mushroom burger to a deepl

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