‘Armchair Expert’ Podcast Host Dax Shepard Signs $80 Million Deal With Amazon

The new deal includes video episodes and gives Amazon’s Wondery exclusive distribution and ad-sales rights. Read More...

Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the ‘written word’

When two octogenarian buddies named Nick discovered that ChatGPT might be stealing and repurposing a lifetime of their work, they tapped a son-in-law to sue the companies behind the artificial intelligence chatbot. Veteran journalists Nicholas Gage, 84, and Nicholas Basbanes, 81, who live near each other in the same Massachusetts town, each devoted decades to reporting, writing and book authorship. Gage poured his tragic family story and search for the truth about his mother’s death into a bestselling memoir that led John Malkovich to play him in the 1985 film “Eleni.”

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