Better Metaverse Stock: Nvidia vs. Roblox

Nvidia dominates the graphics processing unit (GPU) market, a component critical to power virtual worlds. Roblox provides a creative platform that draws creators and users who will drive the metaverse. Nvidia is an obvious metaverse choice, as the maker of GPUs has applied its graphics capabilities to artificial intelligence, data centers, and other applications in recent years. Read More...


2 “Strong Buy” Stocks Primed for 2022 Gains

Wall Street traders have no shortage of cliches, and here’s a happy thought for the New Year: ‘So goes January, so goes the year.’ Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist from CFRA Research, has taken note of this quirk, writing: “If the market does well in the month of January, then it usually does well for the full year. But if we find that a lot of money has flowed into the markets, right off the bat, then the indication is that it’s likely to be a very good year.” Talking of sentiment, the

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