Big Tech Stocks Could Rebound Big Time. Here’s How.

Analysts think that Wall Street is too pessimistic on beaten-up names such as Amazon, and that expanding breadth in a global rally will lift big tech stocks. Read More...


Bulgarians ward off evil spirits in ancient winter festival

Revellers dressed in red, some wearing huge masks and belts strung with large copper bells, dance around a fire on the main square of a Bulgarian village to drive away evil spirits and bring in good health and crops for the New Year. The festival, held every January in the village of Kosharevo, is known as “Surva” and is a mixture of Christian and pagan rituals that can be traced back to Thracian times. Some of the dancers, known as Survakars, or kukers (mummers), wear hand-made wooden masks decorated with feathers, which can be up to two metres high.

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