Can AI Startups Outrun Dot-Com Bubble Comparisons? Investors Aren’t So Sure.

Venture capitalists at this week’s Collision tech event in Toronto approached the next wave of artificial-intelligence startups with increasing skepticism. Read More...

Single Mom With $1.3 Million From Divorce Can’t Afford $8,000 Monthly Rent, Dave Ramsey Says It’s Time To Move

Karen, from Irvine, California, called into The Ramsey Show to seek advice about her living situation. She is newly divorced with full custody of two teenagers and currently pays $8,000 in rent on a $5,600 income. Don’t Miss: The average American couple has saved this much money for retirement — How do you compare? Warren Buffett flipped his neighbor’s $67,000 life savings into a $50 million fortune — How much is that worth today? Dave Ramsey, famed for his financial expertise, asked Karen what


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