Can Netflix Regain Its Growth Stock Status?

Netflix's (NASDAQ: NFLX) fall from top growth stock to beaten-down value stock has been truly incredible. A multitude of issues caused this drop, some of them out of Netflix's control. Let's find out what it will take for Netflix to achieve that status again. Read More...


U.S. SEC to set up new office for crypto filings

The “Office of Crypto Assets” and the “Office of Industrial Applications and Services” will join seven existing offices under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) department which handles corporate disclosure filings. “As a result of recent growth in the crypto asset and the life sciences industries, we saw a need to provide greater and more specialized support,” Renee Jones, director of the Division of Corporation Finance, said in a statement. Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have soared in popularity over recent years and are getting increasingly intertwined with the regulated financial system, saddling policymakers with monitoring risks in a largely unregulated sector.

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