CES 2022 is about to officially start — without tech’s biggest names

Without most of its high-wattage stars and facing escalating criticism for its decision to press on despite a record surge in COVID cases, CES 2022 officially starts Wednesday. Read More...


BlackBerry pulls life support for once-indispensable business smartphone

Former U.S. President Barack Obama, one of its most celebrated users, made headlines in 2016 when he was asked to give up his BlackBerry and replace it with an unnamed smartphone. In a document published in 2020, the company said it would take steps to decommission legacy services for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS operating systems and added devices running on them would no longer be supported and may not be able to receive or send data, make phone calls or send messages reliably. A U.S. judge on Monday rejected the company’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit claiming it defrauded shareholders by inflating the success and profitability of smartphones using BlackBerry 10 OS, and said the class-action case could go to trial this fall.

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