Cloudflare Announces New Innovation for Mobile Devices as It Edges Into Cybersecurity

Fast-moving software company Cloudflare (NYSE: NET) has been growing its revenue at a steady 50%-plus rate recently. Recently, Cloudflare unveiled a number of new services that should help as it tries to edge its way into the large and fast-growing cybersecurity market. Cloudflare has carved out its niche in the tech world with its content delivery network (CDN) located at the network edge. Read More...


Tesla’s robot is a real robot now, not just a guy in a suit

Tesla CEO Elon Musk kicked off its Tesla AI Day 2022 with a quick level set on expectations — “we’ve come a long way” — and then stepped aside to allow the first iteration of its robot walk out onto the stage. Instead, Tesla introduced a functioning robot, albeit with exposed cables and a bit wobbly, at its second annual event. After a brief turn about the stage, the robot left the stage before the rest of the presentation continued, which included several short videos of the robot (now tethered for stability) carrying a box in an office, watering a plant and lifting a small piece of metal in the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

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