Does Pinterest’s New CEO Make Its Stock a Buy?

Long-term investors in Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) have experienced a genuine roller-coaster ride. Because the past few years in the stock market have been so volatile on a large scale, it's hard to tell how much of Pinterest's share price movements have been due to its business performance, and how much should be attributed to the broader market conditions. At least within the company, it appears there has been a realization that changes need to be made, and this week co-founder Ben Silberman stepped down as CEO. Read More...


Future Winners? 3 Stock Giants Jim Cramer Bets On

If there’s one common theme connecting the market’s experts, it’s ‘be a contrarian.’ Don’t follow the herd, focus on underlying facts, and don’t be afraid to throw out the conventional wisdom. Or, in a memorable phrase from Warren Buffett, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” Jim Cramer, the well-known host of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ program has always had a talent for swimming against the stream, and he has not shied away from pointing out the stocks that investor

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