Dow Jones Futures: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia Add To Market Rally Weakness; Elon Musk Says This About Tesla Cybertruck

Apple and Nvidia fell as market weakness continues. Elon Musk said the Cybertruck could "flop." But several stocks are near buys. Read More...


Expect a 10% or worse correction in U.S. stocks by mid-August, says this forecaster with a proven track record

In May 2020, I concluded that “the stock market… is stronger than even the most bullish investors believe.” In January of this year, I wrote that the market was still “firing on all cylinders.” In an interview on July 14, Martin said the U.S. stock market today is most definitely not firing on all cylinders. In fact, he said, the market’s internal health is now worse than at any time since October 2018.

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