Dow Jones Futures Rise; Nvidia Stock Tops 1,000 On Earnings, Other AI Plays Rally

Nvidia earnings boomed and the CEO touted the "next industrial revolution." Will the AI chip leader lift the market rally? Read More...

ASML, Eindhoven Tech University to invest $195 million in partnership

European tech giant ASML and the Eindhoven University of Technology said on Thursday they have agreed to spend a combined 180 million euros ($195 million) on semiconductor research over the coming decade. ASML, the largest supplier of equipment used in computer chip manufacturing, has been struggling with where and how it will expand operations, and with questions over whether the workforce and other infrastructure in the Netherlands’ Eindhoven region will be enough to meet its growth plans. “The collaboration will increase the availability of PhDs, which our industry has a strong need for, and will provide scientific insights that are relevant to the chip industry and society,” ASML CFO Roger Dassen said in a statement announcing the deal.


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