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Dwyane Wade is about to play his last NBA game, and Budweiser is making people extra sad about it

Budweiser produced an emotional ad ahead of tonight’s game that had the internet crying. Read More...

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade will play in his final home game tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers. The future Hall of Famer will end his career with 13 All-Star appearances and three NBA titles.

It’s long been known that this was going to be Wade’s last season in the NBA as he touted his #OneLastDance hashtag on several occasions. Throughout the year, Wade has been swapping jerseys with other players after games as a sign of respect, a move that’s extremely popular in soccer.

To commemorate Wade’s career coming to an end, Budweiser BUD, +0.43%  released a heartwarming video of Wade meeting with some special people whose lives he had a positive impact on. Among them was a young woman whose brother perished in the Parkland shooting, who Wade honored by writing the boy’s game on a game shoe. The video also included a woman who Wade took shopping after her family’s house burned down. Each presented him with a small gift to show their appreciation.

Some notable jersey swaps this year were between Wade and his best friends LeBron James and Chris Paul.

Wade and his family have lived in Miami for years and are famous for their work in Florida’s communities. His wife, actress Gabrielle Union, knows how important Wade is to the city.

Fans are sad to see Wade go — he’s been in their lives for almost two decades.

Like, really sad.

Wade is extremely well-liked in Miami and around the league. He is one of the greatest Miami athletes of all time after Dan Marino. The American Airlines Arena, where the Heat play, will pull out all the stops for Wade’s last game tonight.

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