Early Money: This startup wants to help small businesses crib from Airbnb and Netflix and run successful feature tests

Many of the most successful online businesses rely on experimentation to stay on top. San Francisco startup Eppo wants to help all companies run and manage such tests. Read More...


Sequoia India and Southeast Asia broadens check range for early-stage Surge program

Sequoia India and Southeast Asia is broadening the range of its check size for the Surge program as the storied venture firm attempts to make its seed investments more “relevant for a larger set of founders,” it said Thursday. The venture firm’s check size for the three-year-old Surge program, which previously made $1 million to $2 million investments in early-stage startups in the region, will now go up to $3 million, it said. There’s also no floor size to the investment range, which can start from $300,000 or less, the firm said.

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