Earnings Are About to Get Even Crazier. 5 Things to Watch in Big Tech’s Results Next Week.

During a 72-hour stretch this coming week, a wave of tech companies representing 25% of the market will report earnings. What to watch. Read More...

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As leaders meet, Chinese hope for end to ‘zero-COVID’ limits

As China’s ruling Communist Party holds a congress this week, many Beijing residents are focused on an issue not on the formal agenda: Will the end of the meeting bring an easing of the at times draconian “zero-COVID” policies that are disrupting lives and the economy? As the world moves to a post-pandemic lifestyle, many across China have resigned themselves to lining up several times a week for COVID-19 tests, restrictions on their travels to other regions, and the ever-present possibility of a community lockdown. “There is nothing we can do,” Zhang Yiming, 51, said this week at a park in Beijing.

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