Elon Musk Withdraws Suit Against OpenAI, Sam Altman

A lawyer representing Musk filed a request for dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged the ChatGPT owner’s relationship with Microsoft, according to court documents. Read More...

How Apple used Google’s help to train its AI models

On stage on Monday CEO Tim Cook’s Apple announced a splashy deal with OpenAI to include its powerful artificial intelligence model as a part of its voice assistant, Siri. But in the fine print of a technical document Apple published after the event, the company makes clear that Alphabet’s Google has emerged as another winner in the Cupertino, California, company’s quest to catch up in AI. To build Apple’s foundation AI models, the company’s engineers used its own framework software with a range of hardware, specifically its own on-premise graphics processing units (GPUs) and chips available only on Google’s cloud called tensor processing units (TPUs).


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