Former CNN President Expects Consolidation in Streaming

Jul.16 -- HANG Media co-founder and former CNN President Jon Klein says that he expects more consolidation in the streaming space, because of the cost of operating and creating content. He joins Romaine Bostick on "Bloomberg Wall Street Week." Read More...


Netflix: Content Pipeline Bodes Well for 2H21, Says Analyst

There’s no other way of saying it: while the coronavirus was a horrible event for almost everyone, it was great for Netflix (NFLX). The global sofa bound population took the opportunity to sign up to the streaming service which saw new subs reach record levels during the height of the pandemic. But like a good binge series’ first season, last year’s performance has, unsurprisingly, been a hard act to follow. In fact, along with the slowdown of new subscribers, the stock has also underperformed t

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