FTC will ban Teladoc’s BetterHelp from sharing mental-health data with Facebook, Snapchat for targeted ads

BetterHelp will have to pay consumers $7.8 million, the FTC said. The counseling service denied wrongdoing. Read More...


US Republican states move to keep ESG investing lawsuit in Texas court

Republican-led U.S. states have added a new plaintiff to their lawsuit challenging a rule that allows socially conscious investing by employee retirement plans, in a bid to thwart the Biden administration’s attempt to wrest the case away from a conservative judge. The states on Tuesday filed an amended complaint in an Amarillo, Texas, federal court where they had filed the lawsuit in January, adding a business owner who lives in the city, which they said should erase any doubt that the case belongs there. The Biden administration last month accused the states of “judge shopping” by filing the lawsuit in Amarillo.

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