Google ‘airbrushed’ carbon emissions from flying, according to BBC report

Yahoo Finance's Akiko Fujita discusses a BBC and Greenpeace report showing that Google didn't incorporate carbon emissions from flying in its carbon calculator. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

How the Deadliest Wildfire in California History Led to a Guilty Plea From PG&E

A brilliant flash broke the morning darkness on Nov. 8, 2018, as strong winds pummeled a power line scaling the Sierra Nevada mountains 90 miles north of Sacramento, Calif. A worn hook hanging from a century-old transmission tower owned by PG&E broke clean, dropping a high-voltage wire that spit electricity just before sunrise. PG&E recorded an outage on the line at 6:15 a.m. The transmission tower, perched high along a steep, gravelly access route, was almost completely inaccessible by fire engine.

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