Google Unveils ChatGPT Competitor, But Its Name Isn’t Going Over Well

In the case of Alphabet , the answer could leave one open to the slings and arrows of outrageous social media snark. Google announced a new conversational AI technology on Feb. 6 that the search engine giant said it will open up to public testing "in the coming weeks." Bard is seen as a rival to ChatGPT, a conversational robot with which humans can converse in natural language. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

Google Opens ChatGPT Rival Bard for Testing, as AI War Heats Up

Google is rolling out a new conversational artificial-intelligence service to a select set of testers, and plans a broader public launch in coming weeks, part of the company’s effort to play catch-up with challengers such as OpenAI, creator of the popular chatbot ChatGPT. The new experimental service, called Bard, generates textual responses to questions posed by users, based on information drawn from the web, Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google parent Alphabet said in a blog post published Monday. In that post, Mr. Pichai also shared a glimpse of new search engine features that will use AI to answer user queries, and said it would open up some of its AI programs to outside developers.

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