Google’s Adtech Business To Undergo Stringent EU Antitrust Probe

The E.U. antitrust regulators are set to open an investigation into Alphabet Inc's (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG) subsidiary Google's digital advertising practices, Reuters reported. The regulators are expected to open the investigation by the end of 2021. The E.U. competition watchdog has fined the company more than $9.8 billion for blocking rivals in online shopping in the last decade. Last week, France settled with Google for $268 million and various commitments over allegations related to th Read More...


3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks That Are Heavily Shorted

Shorting stocks can bring an investor serious profits – but there’s commensurate risk, as well. Basically, the short trader is betting that a stock will fall in price; it’s the opposite of most stock trading, in which the investor wants the shares to gain. Gaining, of course, is the risk in a short trade. There’s no ceiling on a stock’s potential gains, and in theory, a particular stock can see its price increase infinitely. But in a short sell, the trader has made the initial transactions on bo

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