Have we hit peak TV? Plus, our debt to bees

The future of TV streaming with Chris Grimes. Then, Jonathan Guthrie discusses our financial debt to bees Read More...


The Continued Unraveling of Mark Zuckerberg’s Malicious Metaverse

Call me the world’s happiest cynic, then, because when I predicted the utter and catastrophic failure of Facebook’s rebranding as “Meta” starting less than a year ago, I genuinely didn’t think it would all unravel as quickly and ignominiously as it has. Horizon Worlds, Meta’s intended metaverse, went live in December and, my god, it has been downhill from there. The good news is that we’re getting a lot of free entertainment out of Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to be “the face” of this dead-end transition, and the past few weeks have seen some real highlights, culminating with a transcendently embarrassing appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week.

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