Have You Set Up a Pet Profile on Amazon? Here’s Why You Should

Meanwhile, Amazon could be a great source for affordable pet care products. You may have a go-to list of pet food items and other products you buy regularly. You could always plug those products into an Amazon search and see what comes up. Read More...


Walmart offers affordable Easter meals to lure thrifty shoppers

The price of eggs, a staple of Easter baskets, has been near a record high for months as outbreaks of avian flu have killed more than 58 million backyard and commercial chickens and turkeys since February 2022. Walmart said on Monday it would keep the prices of its Easter essentials consistent with 2022 and offer the Easter meal and basket combo for less than $100, both online and in stores. This year, Walmart’s Easter meals and baskets will include staples like ham, green beans and cherry pies, along with decorative grass, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunnies and Reese’s Eggs.

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