Here's When 'Friends,' 'Seinfeld' and 'The Office' Are Disappearing From Netflix

With millions of people homebound, binge watching has gone from a weekend indulgence to a nightly ritual. Here's where your favorite shows are headed this year. Read More...



If you do this now, you might be able to double your retirement portfolio

The coronavirus crisis has created an extraordinary buying opportunity in emerging market stocks for anyone hoping to save for their retirement, say two independent investment houses. Buy a broad portfolio of inexpensive “value” stocks in developing markets such as China, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, India and you’ve got a good chance of doubling your money or better over the next five to seven years, say number crunchers at investment advisory firm Research Affiliates in Newport Beach, Calif., and at the blue chip money managers GMO in Boston. “Value” stocks are those that are inexpensive in relation to business fundamentals such as company revenues, assets and earnings.

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