How Much Stock Did Amazon Chief Andy Jassy Get Awarded In FY22? The Answer Is Surprising

Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) did not offer any stock award to CEO Andy Jassy for FY22, regulatory filings disclosed Thursday. He earned $1.3 million in FY22 as CEO. Jassy made $211.9 million in stock awards during FY21 and $35.6 million in FY20. Jassy lost $148 million in FY22 compensation, mainly attributable to the 2022 decline in the value of restricted stock units scheduled to vest over the next eight years. His 2022 realized compensation declined by 25% from 2021 due to its stock price de Read More...


Amazon shareholders introduce record number of proposals for second-consecutive year

E-retail giant Amazon is facing 18 shareholder proposals, beating its 2022 record of 15 proposals, as environmental, social and governance (ESG)-focused investors push for more changes in the company, according to Amazons’ proxy statement released on Thursday. The proposals cover a variety of topics including a request to change Amazon’s executive compensation package, an audit to ensure that Amazon’s technologies are not used for human rights violations and additional reporting of Amazon’s animal welfare standards. The report would detail the “impact of (Amazon’s) policies, management, performance metrics, and targets,” according to Tulipshare’s proposal.

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