I Bought 87 Books for $160. Here’s How

Image source: Getty Images When I was a kid, I dreamed about having my own library someday, and as an adult, I'm finally making it happen. It's not the book-lined room complete with a fireplace and sliding ladders that I'd always envisioned, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless. Read More...


Italy’s watchdog asks Facebook for clarification on pre-election activities

Italy’s Data Protection Agency has asked Facebook to clarify the activities the social media giant has engaged in ahead of Sunday’s national elections, it said on Thursday. Tech giant Meta, which owns social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, has launched an information campaign targeting potential Italian voters ahead of a parliamentary election called for Sept. 25. Facebook will have to provide “detailed information” on the initiative, on the nature of data processing, as well as on the measures taken to ensure that the initiative is only brought to people who are eighteen or older, the watchdog said.

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