Is It Time for The Trade Desk Shareholders to Take Profits?

On a Fool Live episode recorded on June 30, Fool contributors Brian Feroldi and Brian Withers discuss programmatic advertising leader The Trade Desk's (NASDAQ: TTD) most recent results and whether investors should sell after the big run-up in the share price. The expenses were up quite a bit, but almost all of that was related to stock-based compensation in part to the company's exploding share price. Read More...


7 Popular China Stocks to Avoid Until Further Notice

Inarguably, one of the current century’s biggest investment narratives has been the rise of China stocks. Once a mess of an economy suffering from an identity crisis, the Asian juggernaut embraced Western-style capitalism — at least in its business dealings. Quickly, the so-called Chinese miracle occurred, catapulting the nation to an economic powerhouse second only to the U.S. Then, the novel coronavirus happened and soon, many people began reconsidering the broader implications of China stocks

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