Is Solana the Next PayPal?

What's more, PayPal's current market capitalization is just over $82 billion. Can Solana really disrupt the fintech leader and become the next PayPal? First, we need to look at just how dominant of an enterprise PayPal is in the payments sector. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

How Dividend Investors Can Pick the Right Companies

Investors have been gravitating toward dividend-paying stocks and the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that buy them. Over the past three years, many of them have resumed dividend payments—but some haven’t, and according to the latest Global Dividend Index from Janus Henderson, overall dividend growth is expected to slow to 2.3% in 2023. Now, even as the economy continues to emerge from the worst of the pandemic disruptions, persistent inflation and higher interest rates are stressing companies’ balance sheets, which can discourage dividend payments.

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