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Kelley Blue Book: The 2023 Toyota Prius vs. the Kia Niro Hybrid: How do they compare?

The Prius, the car that made hybrids mainstream, has a sexy new look. But how does it compare to the redesigned Kia Niro hybrid? Read More...

The Kia Niro and Toyota Prius were both redesigned from the ground up for 2023, and came out looking dramatically better as a result. The Niro got ultra-modern looks with its cool contrast-color aero blades and dramatically updated cabin. The Prius, once known for its dowdy look, got sexy with a sleek new body.

But, at heart, both cars are attractive because they’re practical hybrids. Let’s see how they stack up. A quick note: Both are also available as plug-in hybrids, and the Niro as a pure electric car. This comparison…

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