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Marijuana Stock Update.

So if you are looking for growth than you may want to think about owning some marijuana companies. Which one is the best bet to make? Aurora Canibus was the most recent canibus company to make a splash hiring Nelson Peltz as a strategic investor to Aurora. What Aurora canibus is lacking is a large partner to bring its products to market with. Coca Cola seems like the most obvious potential partner with the deepest pockets but we have been hearing about Diago has been lurking in the shadows looking to get into the canibus field.

All of the other large canibus manufacturers have partnerships with companies that will more easily allow them to scale. Canopy got a major investment from Constellation brands, Cronos recently closed a deal with Altria, and Tilray has partnered with both Novartis (Through a subsidiary) and Anheuser-Busch Inbev. So we expect to see someone come along soon and make a major investment in Aurora which should make the stock jump.

We expect 2019 to be a big year for all these companies but there will be winners and losers. You might want to look into a ETF that covers the marijuana space. There is a couple available now MJ being one. The American Growth Fund is another fund AGTHX. Cronos group is the other fund that operates in this space.