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Market Extra: Government-only money-market funds see $60 billion in outflows in one week amid debt-ceiling fears

Bank deposits and government-only money-market funds “have become a hot potato that no one seems to be willing to hold,” according to one portfolio manager. Read More...

Investors pulled $60 billion out of money-market mutual funds invested exclusively in T-bills and short-dated Treasurys over a one-week period this month amid rising fears over the U.S. debt ceiling. Data released last week by the Investment Company Institute in Washington shows assets held by government-only money-market funds dropped to $4.332 trillion as of April 19 from $4.392 trillion on April 12. According to Ben Emons, senior portfolio manager and head of fixed income in NewEdge Wealth LLC in New York, it was the largest single-week redemption in that category since March 2020.


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